American Flag Project

Our club has long discussed the idea of providing American flags to a school with a high number of different nationalities. We found such a school in West Valley City which met that criteria, Granger Elementary. Melanie Roybal, the Assistant Principle was very enthusiastic when she was contacted regarding our idea of giving a flag for each first grade student.

We started on the project with Bill Barton cutting blocks of wood for the base of the flag. Then he drilled holes in the center of the wood. From there Steve Gibby sanded the blocks and painted several coats of urethane on them. Lastly, the flags were glued into each block of wood.

On Friday, August 19, 2016 at 9:30am Lions Steve & Cindy Clinger and Becky & Steve Gibby delivered the 176 flags to the school. Teachers had assembled the first grade students together.The kids were given their own personal American Flag and politely thanked us.

President Steve Gibby instructed the children that in our club at the end of each Lions Club meeting we do a loud Lion roar. He had them do some pretty ear deafening roars. Then as a grand finale we all did one final roar and it felt like it rattled the windows in the school. The kids politely thanked us as they marched back to their classrooms.

Lions Courier Training

September 29 was the Utah Lions Eye Bank Appreciation Dinner and Training meeting. PDG Lion Woodmansee was cited for his many months of service as the Courier Coordinator. Lions Gerald and Zella Millard, of the SL club were given an award for delivering the most tissue and cornea packs for the past year. Lion Wade McEntire did the program. He said that during last year 189 deliveries were made the Lion couriers with 1025 recipients of tissue and corneas. You will see our president, Steve and Lee at the forefront of the group picture and Karen on the far right in the back.

Wade McEntire The Millards with Wade
Lion Al The attendees

MDA Luncheon

For the second year in a row, our Holladay Lions Club provided lunch to the awesome Muscular Dystrophy children and their volunteers at Camp Kostopulus. The Salt Lake Fire Department just so happened to be there that very same day. We had plenty of pizza, Rice Crispy Treats, and drinks for everyone!
This year Bill & Karen Barton planned the event. They assigned out food items for club members to bring. The Holladay Lions in attendance included Steve & Cindy Clinger, Bill & Karen Barton and Becky & Steve Gibby.
This project has been a very humbling service project for us to get involved in. The children and volunteers are always very appreciative to us and express that gratitude as we hand out their lunch. Since the beginning of camp each group started working on a name for their group and also a chant. After the children finished their meal they were divided into their separate groups. One by one the groups performed. Our Holladay Lions and the Firemen acted as judges for the competition. It was really challenging to choose the best one because each group did so well.
Serving these beautiful children is a heart warming experience. To see them smile and laugh with all the obstacles they are going through is an emotional test to all of us.

Lions serving lunch Lions serving lunch
Firemen dropping an egg

Celebration of Life

The Lions have long stood in support with the Intermountain Donor Services, and as part of their annual Celebration of Life event we are honored to support them again. The event was held at the library square in August, where families of organ donors got a chance to see their loved ones names engraved on a glass wall.Our main task was to hold black pieces of paper behind the clear wall so loved ones might see their donor family name on the other side. Many families positioned themselves with family on both sides of the name and took pictures. One wall included the new names just added to the wall this year. It was the busiest! The emotions ran high thinking of the dear person they so greatly missed! We want to thank IDS for inviting us to be a part of this event.

Installation of new officers

We were honored by the presence of our DG Mike Eisenburg, during our August club meeting. DG Mike Eisenburg installed the new officers for the up coming year. The officers swore to carry out thier responsibilites to the best of their ability.

Club President - Steve Gibby
Vice-President - Cyril Thomas
Secretary - Bill Burton Treasure - Dominika Hajnova
Membership chairman - Steve Clinger

Lions District Convention

The Smithfield Lions Club hosted our 28-U District Convention for October 14-15. Smithfield is a small community located eight miles north of Logan. It was settled in October1859.
On Friday 14th the convention began with 28-U Cabinet Meeting, 28-MD Cabinet Meeting, and the Utah Lions Foundation Meeting. Dinner and entertainment started at 6 pm. with everyone dressing up in roaring 20's costumes. It was a fun evening for all those in attendance.
Saturday the 15th, morning started with registration at Bridgerland Applied Technical College in Logan. Everyone receives a bag with an identification badge and lots of miscellaneous things donated by the Smithfield Club. In my bag I had about ten pens from various businesses around Logan. They included pamphlets of interesting places to visit. For your sweet tooth, candy bars. Additionally my bag contained a special pin acknowledging the Convention in Smithfield. Lastly, was this cool American Flag pin which flashed.
At every Convention you have the opportunity to buy raffle tickets. Items are donated from numerous businesses and individuals. During the Convention at various times numbers are called out and the winning ticket holder claims their prize.
Not to bore you with procedural details of the Convention, perhaps most interesting to me were the speakers. Allison Weiss talked about EAP-Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. The premise is horses put out an electromagnetic field which originates from their heart and is five times stronger than a humans. This field extends in all directions. The horse is able to stabilize a human biochemically. It is used on at-risk youth, providing them with opportunities to develop life skills. The organization that promotes this kind of therapy is called We Are Pals - .
Another Speaker was Jeremy Harvey. He suffers from cerebral palsy and is almost totally blind. Yet he is an award winning pianist, composer, arranger, and recording artist. He has his own YouTube channel that features his original compositions and arrangements. His speech focused on remaining positive during times of trials. He related the hardships he had been through. And with each one he chose to be strong and not think of the negative. At the end of his presentation everyone had tears in their eyes.
Attending Lions Convention is well worthwhile! There are friends to be made, friendships to be renewed and delicious food to be eaten.
Many thanks go out to DG Mike Eisenburg and the Smithfield Lions club.

DG Mike Eisenberg

PID Ken Schwols

PDG Merlyn Johnson and PDG Al Woodmansee

PDG Al Woodmansee


1st VDG Tom Arquette

Featured: Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy was one of the guests at the convention and gave a presentation in speech and playing the piano. He seems to be an outstanding individual and has accomplished a great deal considering he has cerebral palsy, very limited vision and does not walk very well.
With all of these handicaps he is an accomplished pianist, composer and recording artist. He has his own YouTube chanel that features his original compo0sitions and arrangements.
Jeremy was the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Judy Van Nostrand scholarship for the arts awarded by Lighthouse International, an organization dedicated to helping the visually impaired.
This past year Jeremy took a year off of school to serve as a young church service missionary for the LDS church where he met thousands of youth and shared his message of hope and perseverance.
He was born in Taipei, Taiwan and has lived in Hong Kong, Beljing and the United States. His travels have given him a wide view of the world. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys technology and aviation, is very knowledgeable about Apple hardware and software and spends time working with computers and flying commercial airplanes----in simulators.
In spite of the difficulties of low vision and cerebral palsy, Jeremy's "life vision" continues to enable him to conquer challenges and celebrate the good things in life.

Jeremy Harvey

Playing his keyboard

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