Rescue Mission

During the holidays we are all busy celebrating with our friends and loved ones. It is easy to forget the families and people who have no where to go. The Holladay Lions have been instrumental in the past couple of years to not forget them. The Lions have been generous in providing warm coats and blankets for the winter. The club has also contributed towards the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City with a simple donation to help them to have a warm meal on Thanksgiving.

As we enjoy the joy and happiness that the holidays bring us, don't forget to take the oppurtunity to volunteer or donate to local charities. This impacts the local communities, our friends and neighbors. Here is a news story by KSL News with some ideas.

Lions being ambassadors

As mentioned in the previous newsletter the Lions of our club have been trained by the Morgan Eye Center to be able to tansport organs as part of the courier program. We are glad to say that the Lions are putting that training to good use. The Lions have been on call to recieve and transport organs to the needy patients.

St.George Lions

Ryan Sullivan, president of the St. George Lions club has presented over 500 pair of used eyeglasses to Lion Bill Barton of the Holladay Lions for recycling. These eyeglasses will probably end up in Cache Valley to be readied for next April's humanitarian trip to Senegal, Africa. Many thanks to the St. George Lions for helping in this very worthy cause.

Bill accepting eyeglasses

New Members

The Holladay Lions are happy to announce that we are accepting new members. 2 new members are slated to be sworn in as Holladay Lions, more info on the members to follow. Please let your friends and family know if they want to join the Lions to volunteer and make difference in their communities.

Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party is slated to be held on Dec 15th, 2016 at Little America Hotel Cafe at 5:00 pm. Lions please mark your calendar to come celebrate all the wonderful things that we have accomplished in the last year. Merry Christmas!!

Eyeglass Vouchers

Each year we work with Shopco Optical and they provide us eyeglass vouchers which we hand out to needy recipients. Each voucher offers a free eye examination and new eyeglasses. Gaylon Howell is our Chair Person for this program. Gaylon has been a member of the Holladay Lions since 2005. He also actively collects used eyeglasses for recycling. We thank him for the many hours he has spent serving in our club!

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